Rene Haak | Lights


Already from the start I was involved in Plackband. I was a schoolmate of Michel van Wassem so I went with him to the rehearsals. At that time we bought the light equipment from Led Zeppelin, so I got my first experience as a light man.

Later on I was also involved in the November project with Michel, Ronald and Karel

By the restart of Plackband I was asked if I wanted to do lights again. So I developed myself into a light engineer always trying to improve and experimenting  with new possibilities..

Besides PBII I work for 4 years at the Boerderij in Zoetermeer. There I work with bands as Steve Hackett, Porcupine Tree, Spocks Beard, IQ, Procal Harum.

I like to visit concerts and further I love motor biking.

I love to listen to Prog- music but I also love heavy rock.

PBII is a part of my live and will be for a long time I am afraid. .