Rene Boelhouwer | Lights

It must be somewhere in 1978 when my friend John Groen asked me if I didn't want to be a roadie in Plackband. He said they play your favourite music. At first I took a look when they were rehearsing. And it was love at first site. That's no so weird because my favourite bands were Yes, Genesis en King Crimson.

In my first period I did the monitoring, but after our light man Paul van Gorkum left, I took over his job. That gave me a better possibility to use my creative nature. For that time we had a rather extensive light equipment that was used before us by the famous band Led Zeppelin.

We developed specials for example we had a light curtain, fog machines, pyrotechnics (by bomber Paul de Keizer) and even moving pars.

At the end of 1984 the light went out for Plackband and somewhere in 1999 it was turned on again and I was asked to do the lights again together with Rene Haak. I didn't need much time to think about it, I was in. In the mean time a complete revolution took place, light were now computerised and the possibilities seems endless. This is a motivation for me to develop new specialties and that's the reason I am still connected to the band.