Nathalie Mees | Soprano

What should a classically trained soprano do with a Progressive Rock band, I hear you think? Well there I only have one answer to; Blood creeps where it can't go!
My musical fascination with Queen begins at the age of 16. From here I discover the harder side of the music Hard Rock and Metal. I attend many concerts from Thunder to Cradle of Filth, from Dream Theater to Marilyn Manson. My greatest idol (after the Freddie Mercury period) I even follow Devin Townsend Germany, England and the Netherlands just as much as possible concerts of his band Strapping Young Lad.

During this period I study Music Registration at the Royal Conservatoire with Classical Singing as a minor. I love singing, but to be honest I still have no idea of what it means exactly. What is expected of me and what I have to do for it.
In 1999, the Music Registration study gave me an internship at the audio company "Alles Audio". As a backliner I can go on tour with Liesbeth List. Thanks to a flap of a mother I eventually ended up on stage La List. Liesbeth sang a duet with Els Bongers on her CD Verface. The I can sing this duet with her during the last performances of the tour. And every night Liesbeth says after singing "our" duet: You don't belong behind the controls of a mixing console, but on stage.
I have listened.

In the last year of the Music Registration study, the year after the tour with Lies, I am my minor seriously and the following year I start with Classical Singing as a major. During this study I gradually quit visiting rock and metal concerts. I have to catch up so much in the world of classical music that none time and money is left.
In 2005 I graduated as a classical singer and since then I have been a soloist on the Dutch stages in addition to a side job at Boekhandel Verwijs + de Slegte in The Hague.

At the beginning of 2012 I suddenly receive an email from Ronald Brautigam. I immediately think of the world famous pianist and am amazed that this great person sends me an e-mail. Nothing is less true! It is not the pianist, but the guitarist Ronald Brautigam, just as famous, but in a completely different genre! It is about the Rockopera 1000Wishes and that PBII is looking for a soprano for this and my heart leaps. This is my project! There is no better opportunity to unite my two worlds!
I can come before the "balloting committee". No, of course. The band would like to meet, but it feels like a job interview. I am very nervous!
Ultimately, PBII chooses me as a soprano for 1000Wishes. One of the most wonderful times of my life! And it just doesn't stop, because the collaboration is going so well that I officially become a member of the band. I am sure that I will experience a lot more with the band !!!

And .... that's right. Together with the Hofstad Youth Orchestra, the rock opera 1000Wishes becomes a fact. A wonderful experience and for me at least 1000 wishes come true. I even get an acting role as a nurse, which makes it even more fun.

Then a long period of preparation follows and finally we make a performance based on the ideas of Wubbo Ockels. It's about sustainability and the title is Wubbos last words Save The Earth. This performance takes us to 25 theaters. In addition to my singing parts, I have an acting role again, now next to Jörgen Raymann.