Nathalie Mees | Sopraan

What does a classic educated soprano with a progressive rock band I hear you think. Well I have only one answer: this music is also in my genes

As a sixteen years old girl my musical fascination started with Queen. From here I discovered music styles as Hard Rock and Metal. I visited many concerts from Thunder till   Cradle of Filth, from Dream Theatre till Marilyn Manson. My biggest idol -after the Freddie Mercury period- Devin Townsend and his band Strapping Young Lad was followed by me through Germany, England and Holland to see as many concerts as possible.

At this time I studied music registration at the Royal conservatorium with classic singing as subsidiary subject. Singing I found it fantastic, but honestly at that time I did not have the slightest idea of what it implied, what was expected of me, what I had to do for it. The music registration study gave me in 1999 a trainee post by a audio company called "Alles Audio". I went as a back liner on tour with Liesbeth List (a famous Dutch female singer). Thanks to my mother I came on stage at last at the side of La List. On her CD "Vergezicht" she did a duet with Els Bongers. The last shows I was allowed to sing the duet with her. Every night after the singing of the duet Liesbeth told me: You belong on stage not behind a mixing console.
I have listened

In the last year of my study, the year after the tour with List I began to take the singing seriously and started the classic singing as a capital subject.

During this study I stopped visiting the rock and metal concerts. I had so much to regain in the world of classic music that there was not time and money enough for that. But I always continued listening to the CD's I already got. Although Classic music was the most important thing at that time.

In the year of 2005 I was graduated and since then you can find me at the Dutch stages, besides of a additional job in a bookshop.

In the beginning of 2012 suddenly I received an email from Ronald Brautigam. My first thoughts I have an email from the famous piano player wow. Nothing seemed less thru. It was not the piano player but the guitar player, also famous, but in a different genre. I read the mail about the Rock opera 1000Wishes and the searching for a soprano. My heart jumped.. this had to be my project. There was no better opportunity to join two worlds.

I was invited for the "Ballot committee". This is a joke off course, the band wanted to make acquaintance, but for me it felt as a job interview, I was very very nervous!

In the end PBII had chosen me as soprano for the 1000Wishes project. One of the most marvellous periods in my life! And it is continued because the combination gives so much satisfaction, that at this moment I am a official member of the band. I am sure I will have a lot of experience with the group and I am looking forward to it!!!